Student Organizations and Culture Clubs

Promotes Indian classical music and dance by organizing events on the GT campus.

African American Student Union
Social and cultural outlet for the support of African-American students.

African Students Association
Promotes interacting among all students of African origins and affiliations.

Arab Student Organization
An avenue to the Arab Community for the GT Campus.

Asian American Student Association
Purpose is to foster an enduring awareness and unity among Asians and Asian Americans

Association of India’s Development
Charity based international organization helping underprivileged in India.

Avant-Garde “The Fashion Society" at Georgia Tech
Promotes the student development of skills needed for a career in fashion.

Bangladesh Students Association
A non-partisan organization promoting the cultural aspects of Bangladesh by arranging various festivals and activities

Black Graduate Student Association
Provides professional development, social activities, and support catered toward, but not limited to, black graduate students.

Brazilian Student Association
Promotes the Brazilian culture at Georgia Tech

Caribbean Student Association
Student organization that unites and supports students from the Caribbean.

An Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts Club.

Chinese Friendship Association
To serve the Chinese students and scholars at Georgia Tech and help to build connections with other organizations.

Chinese Student Association
To serve the Chinese students and scholars at GT and help to build connections with other organizations.

Cuban American Student Association
The purpose is to raise awareness to students within the GT Community of modern day Cuba, and to gain appreciation for the Cuban culture.

Devoting the Energies of Men Interested in Social Enlightenment
Offers support to and to aid growth of Black men or others in need in an attempt to combat boredom

Diversity Forum
Georgia Tech forum on the promotion and discussion of diversity related issues.

Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Association
Purpose includes promoting Ethiopian and Eritrean culture throughout GT/engaging EESA members in the Atlanta community through service activities/dealing with the social issues these countries face and uniting these students at GT.

Filipino Student Association
Cultural organization for the promotion of Filipino culture and traditions through community involvement.

Film Society
Purpose is to show films that students will either be personally moved by or find culturally interesting

Free Culture
Promotes a freer more participatory culture

Fulbright Student Association
To unite Fulbright students at GT and to provide a peer network for adaption and integration into GT and the U.S. and jointly explore the life in the U.S.

French Club
Intended to stimulate an interest in the French language and the French and Francophone culture

Global Jackets
Aim to promote diversity on Tech’s campus and increase cross cultural interaction.

Graduate Minorities in Business
Promotes professional and leadership development/academic excellence and community involvement.

Hellenic Society
A society dedicated to promote Greek Culture and bring Greeks around campus together.

Providing religious, social, community service and Israel advocacy programs.

Hindu YUVA
A socio-cultural organization that aims to preserve, practice, protect, and promote Hindu culture and heritage.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
The purpose of the Organization is to strengthen America by advancing the college education of Hispanic Americans by Latino outreach, scholarship and retention.

Hong Kong Student Association
The purposes are to connect students who share a common background to promote the culture and traditions of Hong Kong and to contribute to the GT and Atlanta community through providing volunteer services.

India Club
Indian socio-culture organization.

Indonesia Student Association
Association for Indonesian students or people interested in Indonesia at Georgia Tech.

Iranian Student Association
Non-profit student organization aimed at providing a place for Iranian GT students to get together and spread culture to the school.

Japan Society
To support Japanese students and enhance cross-cultural exchange.

Korean American Student Association
Korean Interest Group

Korean International Young Adults Community
Korean Interest Group

Korean Scientists and Engineers Association  – Young Generation
Korean Interest Group

Korean Student Association
GT KSA is the official Korean Student Association.

La Unidad Latina
Latino fraternal organization dedicated to serving the Latino community at GT.

Latino Organization of Graduate Students
To provide academic, cultural, and social support to its members. - To promote the professional development of its members. - To foster a culture of excellence, leadership, as well as social and political consciousness. - To provide academic support and mentoring to undergraduates. - To actively recruit underrepresented students into STEM fields at the undergraduate and graduate levels. -To facilitate the transition of new Hispanic graduate students to GT.

Lebanese Club
Lebanese interest group

Spread awareness within the Georgia tech community and the greater Atlanta area so that they may bring kindness and support to those in need." They are the Liberty in North Korea chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Minority Recruitment Team
Educate prospective African American students about the community at Georgia Tech. Contact interested high school students and families at admission office events and other opportunities.  

Multicultural Greek Council
A Greek Council comprised of 6 multicultural fraternities and sororities. We foster and promote unity, campus awareness, and community service.

Muslim Student Association
They are dedicated to help foster friendship and goodwill between people of all faith. We also strive to further the understanding and appreciation of Islam as a beautiful way of life.

Purpose is to promote and facilitate the social awareness of the Southeast Asian culture and art (especially dance).

Nepali Club
Nepali Club at Georgia Tech is a cultural organization aimed at bringing members of the Georgia Tech community those related or interested in Nepali culture together, represent and promote Nepali...

non-profit organization composed of undergraduate and graduate students that aims to advance the academic and professional development of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) students and youth in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Origami Club
The purpose of this club is to share the joy of folding the traditional art of origami / increase awareness of the art / and help students develop better hand-eye coordination and greater art appreciation.

Pakistan Students Association
A cultural organization to promote Pakistani culture amongst both Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis.

Panamanian Students
The Panamanian Students at Georgia Tech (PANAS@GT) association brings together Panamanian Students and Faculty and shares the beauty and culture of Panama with the Georgia Tech/Atlanta Community....

Por Columbia

Pride Alliance
An organization based on education about the advocacy of GLBT issues.

Puerto Rican Student Association
Social organization to unite the Puerto Rican community and welcome incoming freshmen and the rest of the GT community.

Indian culture spread through dance.

Rho Epsilon Delta
A cultural organization that highlights the achievements of individuals with the Melancortin 1 gene

Russian Culture Club
Promotes a social environment that fosters interest in Russian culture, language and politics

Saudi Student Association

Southeast Asian Student Association
Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA) SEASA seeks to promote the colorful culture of the 10 Southeast Asia countries to the Georgia Tech society. We welcome all the Southeast Asia students.

Spanish Speaking Organization
Uses social and cultural actives to unify the Spanish speaking community.

Students for Exploration and Development of Space Society

Taiwanese American Student Association
Provides events and resources that explore and celebrate the Taiwanese American identity.

Taiwanese Student Association
We help TSA members become familiar with Atlanta culture and study at Georgia Tech and hold activities or entertainment to enhance the bonding between all TSA members, especially Taiwan-born students.

Taal Tadka

Thai Student Organization
Organization of students from Thailand. Our goals are to share experiences/activities among Thai students and to promote cultural diversity within GT.

Turkish Student Organization
Foster intercultural relationships on campus and promote Turkish culture.

Organization that promotes awareness and fundraises to support the education and welfare of underprivileged children. Join us and find out how a little of your time can help a child get access to some of the most basic education. We are all fortunate to be at a school such as GT, but there are children who don't even have access to elementary schools to learn reading and writing or their abc's. Find out how you can help them attain a feeling of accomplishment and get them on their way to a brighter future.

Vietnamese Students Association
A GT organization aimed at promoting the Vietnamese culture.

Women’s Awareness Month
Brings female role models to the Georgia Tech campus and develops programs that provoke questioning

Women’s Multicultural Society
An organization that strives to form unity through culture and cultural awareness.

World Student Fund Exchange Club
Promote study abroad/networking environment/support students in their first days and enhance intercultural experiences.


Religious/Spiritual Life

  • Art of Living
  • Atlanta Chinese Christian Church
  • Asian Christian Fellowship
  • Baha’i Club
  • BAPS Campus Fellowship
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministries
  • Believers in Business @ GT
  • Bethel Campus Fellowship
  • Bhakti Yoga Club
  • Campus Atheists
  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Campus Freethinkers
  • Campus Outreach
  • Catholic Student Organization
  • Chabad Jewish Student Group
  • Chi Alpha
  • Christian Campus Fellowship
  • Christian Students
  • Colleges Against Cancer
  • Cooperative Christian Fellowship
  • Cru
  • Episcopal Campus Ministry
  • Every Nation Campus Ministry
  • Fellowship of Christian Students
  • Fellowship of Christian Graduate Students
  • G.I.F.T.E.D. Gospel Choir
  • Global Ambassadors
  • Global Outreach Campus Ministry
  • Grace Midtown Church
  • Hillel (Jewish Student Union)
  • International Justice
  • International Youth Fellowship
  • Joshua Generation
  • Journey Christian Fellowship
  • Korea Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Latter-Day Saints Student Association
  • Lutheran Campus Ministry
  • Midtown Campus Ministry
  • Mission Campus Chapter
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Natural Path Meditation Club
  • Navigators
  • Nichiren Buddhist Student Association
  • Operation Seventh-Day Adventists
  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship
  • Reformed University Fellowship
  • Sai Young Adults @ GT
  • Students for Christ
  • Tau Alpha Omega
  • The Living Room
  • The Way Campus Fellowship
  • Why Should I Believe
  • Veritas Forum
  • Wesley Foundation
  • Westminster Christian Fellowship (Presbyterian)
  • Young Life College