Multicultural Competence Certificate Requirements

The following outlines the requirements for obtaining a Certificate in Multicultural Competence (MC) from the Division of Student Affairs.  This three-level certificate program is intended to increase a participant's multicultural awareness, knowlege and skill set.

There are no time restrictions
Level 1 must be completed before Level 2, and Level 2 before Level 3
Prerequisite to beginning the program - all staff who are pursing the certificate must participate in an orientation with Dean Stephanie Ray.
New Student Affairs employees should participate in the orientation prior to attending and logging events toward their MC Certificate.
Existing staff should also complete the introduction to the MCC Certificate; however, there is a retroactive period that allows existing staff to receive credit for programs/events attended dating back to October 15, 2012.

To schedule your Multicultural Certificate Orientation email Stephanie Ray at

Level 1 Certificate - Participation

Expand your awareness of and experience with diversity on campus and in the community - get out of the office and connect!

Level 2 Certificate - Engagement

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of diversity by taking chances to learn more about yourself and others - push some boundaries!

Level 3 - Action

Commit to building skills that make a difference - do something that matters

NOTE:  Campus events may be substituted for off-campus events with the exception of Area I – Core Curriculum.  Substitution requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance via email to either:

Dean Stephanie Ray – or
Dr. Toti Perez. –

In your request, identify the event you want to attend and describe its’ value as part of the certification program.  Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis with either Dean Stephanie Ray or Dr. Toti Perez.

Multicultural Competence Certificate Levels
Approved Programs & Event