Goal 1 – Leadership and Advocacy

The Division of Student Life at Georgia Tech recognizes that multicultural change efforts are most successful when initiated and supported by Division leadership.  It is important to celebrate individual efforts towards developing a multicultural environment and creating positive change.  In addition, the Division recognizes the importance of collaboration and interaction with other departments to combine resources for the promotion of multiculturalism.


Goal 2 – Policy Review and Creation

The Division of Student Life recognizes the value of policies and procedures to ensure that multicultural competence is integrated within the Division’s policies, programs, and services.  It is important the Division advocates for, creates, and reviews policies and procedures that support multicultural competence.


Goal 3 – Recruitment and Retention of a Diverse Staff

A multicultural competent Division starts with a culturally diverse and multicultural competent staff.  Diverse experiences and backgrounds contribute to staff that are better equipped to meet the needs of the students.  This commitment includes recruiting and retaining diverse staff members and to consistently work to create a more open and caring environment for all.


Goal 4 – Multicultural Competency Expectations and Training

The Division recognizes the importance and necessity of multicultural competence in providing effective services and programs to students, staff, and faculty.  The Division will be equipped with the necessary awareness, knowledge, and skills to achieve multicultural competence in their area(s) of responsibility.


Goal 5 – Scholarly and Professional Activities

The Division recognizes the importance of its staff to contribute to the field of multiculturalism and diversity through activities in professional organizations, scholarly writing and research, and program presentations.  Scholarly and professional activities engage staff, create an increased commitment to multicultural competence and provide opportunities for professional involvement to create a positive and affirming impression of the Division.


Goal 6 – Departmental/Division Programs & Services

The Division and its departments will develop programs/services that are planned, advertised, and executed with a multicultural competent mindset. This includes identifying underrepresented and underserved student populations and implementing strategies to reach our students.  The Division and its departments will also evaluate current programs/services and develop new programs/services that reach a diverse audience.


Goal 7 – Physical Environment

The Division and its departments create and maintain a physically and virtually inclusive environment for staff and students that conveys the importance of cultural inclusivity to the Division and others.  In addition, the Division is committed to the importance of creating environments and resources for staff and students that promote a welcoming, accessible, and affirming campus community.


Goal 8 – Assessment

In order to create and sustain a multicultural environment, the Division of Student Life recognizes the importance of establishing division-wide metrics to measure and assess multicultural competencies among its departments, staff, programs and services.